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Love Spell: The Starlight Update – Release Announcement

A complete remaster and content expansion… all in a FREE Update!

Love Spell: The Starlight Update is a FREE expansion of our original game, Love Spell: Written In The Stars. It features a completely remastered build of the original title, all created from the ground up in a brand new game engine, alongside many, many, MANY additions and new content – including the long-awaited official ports to MAC & Linux systems.

The development team has been hard at work on this for almost the past 3 YEARS since Love Spell’s original launch, all while listening to community feedback, working on new content, and doing our best to make Love Spell the game that we believe it should be and most closely aligns with our vision as creators.

This FREE update is AVAILABLE NOW to all players across our official storefronts who have purchased the PC version of "Love Spell: Written In The Stars". The MAC/Linux ports will natively include all of this new content from the start.

Here’s a compiled list of some of the brand-new additions that await you in "The Starlight Update!"

· Completely Remastered CGs

· Brand New Animated Chibi CGs

· Updated Sprites + New Expressions

· New Visually Immersive Animations

· New Sound Design

· New Music Tracks

· New Scenes/additional content inside of each main route!

· BRAND NEW “Interactive Gallery” that features a Post-Game menu!

· Unlockable Bachelor Profiles!

· Remastered GUI

· Save/Load System

· New Trailer

· New Title Screen + Key Art

· New Unlockable “100% Game Complete” Scene

· New DLC Content Menu

· New Achievements

· A glimpse into Aslan's DLC Route – Available Now!

· A glimpse into Sergio's DLC Route!

· And more!

Alongside this release, a new demo of “Love Spell” is also available and free to play right now across all platforms!

Available Now on STEAM

Available Now on Itchio

Available Now GameJolt

Additionally, Great Gretuski Studios has launched a new “Milestone Goals” campaign aimed at unlocking even more additional and new content to bring to Love Spell! You can read more about this initiative and even check out some of the exciting goals that are waiting here!

How do I download “The Starlight Update”?
For & GameJolt Players
  • Purchase/Re-Download “Love Spell: Written In The Stars ~The Starlight Update~” from one of the storefronts using the links above.

  • Unzip the downloaded file to the folder of your choice on your computer.

  • Inside the unzipped folder, there will be a file you can click to launch the game (.app for Mac, .sh for Linux, .exe for Windows).

  • If you had downloaded a previous version of Love Spell, you can remove those files from your computer as that build will no longer be supported.

For Steam Players (New & Returning)
  • Returning players: Make sure Steam has an internet connection and check for updates to Love Spell.

  • If none are detected, you can right-click the game inside your Steam library and navigate to Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files… to re-check the files against the latest version.

  • You can also go to the Updates tab from Properties -> Updates and check off “Always keep this game updated” to ensure you get the latest updates as they become available.

  • Once Steam has updated Love Spell, you should be able to launch it and play "The Starlight Update."

  • If you’re still having trouble updating the game, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it through Steam to fetch the latest update.

  • New players: Simply download Love Spell from Steam to get "The Starlight Update" automatically.

Will my saved data from the old build still be playable?

The answer to this is NO. Because the original game and “Love Spell: Starlight Edition” were created on completely different engines, there is no way to carry over saved data from the original build and game.

However, “The Starlight Update” features a LOT of new content inside of each route and there are plenty of other new features waiting for you to discover for the very first time.

Additionally, if you’ve unlocked any achievements on Steam for completing game content, those are yours to keep! “The Starlight Update” also includes several new achievements you can earn from playing through the new content.

We highly recommend starting over with a brand new playthrough in Love Spell: Starlight!

(For those who wish to navigate to specific sections of the story more quickly, feel free to take advantage of the lightning-quick “Skip” in-game function to hastily return to where you left off.)

What platforms is Love Spell now available on?

Love Spell: Written In The Stars ~The Starlight Update~ along with our official first DLC, Aslan’s Route, is NOW AVAILABLE on PC, MAC & Linux systems.

Learn more about Love Spell: Aslan's Story DLC by visiting here!

Are there any special promotions going on for this release?

YES! The studio has released some new limited-edition physical and digital merchandise on The Studio Shop, our official website store.

We have also completely updated the Official Artbook to include all of the new visual graphics, CGs, and content.

All main game sales from this point on count towards our “Milestone Goals” campaign, so be sure to share the word with your family and friends to help unlock even more free & additional content for Love Spell!

Thank you for reading and we hope you guys are excited to check out what we’ve been working so hard on!

~It All Starts with Starlight!~


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