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Love Spell: Aslan's Story DLC

Developed & Published by: Great Gretuski Studios®

Available On: PC, Mac, Linux

Release Date: November 2, 2022

Language: English

Tags: Romance, Comedy, Magic, Witches, Wizards

aslan logo new 2.png

Story & Setting

The Love Spell fun continues in this brand-new DLC content expansion pack featuring Aslan's Story.

Follow Luna's adventure through different worlds when she accidentally ends up chasing the mysterious pink-haired wizard named Aslan through a magical portal and straight into a parallel universe!

Meet new and old faces alike as you venture together with Philia, Aslan, and an adorable new little penguin named Merlow, Aslan's own familiar, as you set off on a quest to find a way to get you home.

Aslan's Route welcomes both new & old players from the main series as his story continues right from the end of the original game's prologue! (Though, we really recommend playing Love Spell: Written in The Stars first to fully enjoy all the easter eggs and familiar faces you'll encounter along the way!)


Brand New Characters!

Meet the new romanceable bachelor: Aslan & his trusty partner, Merlow The Penguin!


Available Now!

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