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Love Spell: Milestones Goals


Welcome to the "Milestone Goals" campaign hub for

"Love Spell: The Starlight Update!"


Last Updated: June 7th 2024 - 10:30AM EST

Take a look below at some of the upcoming goals for the Love Spell series in this campaign and share your support to unlock new content for the game.

As Love Spell: The Starlight Update sells more and more official copies and hits each

"Milestone", new and exciting content will be unlocked and added to the game!

The amount of copies sold will update on the first Friday of every month before 3PM EST.

Please note that the "Milestone Counter" only takes copies of the main game sold on our official digital store platforms into account. Game copies sold outside these platforms are NOT counted towards the campaign nor are legitimate means of acquiring the game. 

This counter also starts from the release of "The Starlight Update" exclusively and does not take previous purchases of the legacy game or existing DLC into account.

Please support our small business and hard-working development team by purchasing

"Love Spell: The Starlight Update" through our official platforms and

sharing it with your family, friends, and followers!

Together, we can reach the stars and hit every "Milestone!"

LS Starlight Milestones.png
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