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Love Spell - Jamie Route (Official Walkthrough)

This is the Official Walkthrough for Love Spell: Jamie's Route written by the development team for the game.

This walkthrough will lead you to all possible endings for his route–including all CGs and the unlockable Epilogue.

In Love Spell: Starlight Edition & Love Spell: Aslan's Story (DLC), many choices do not have a significant impact on what ending you will achieve. A player can manually select which ending to play (Good or Bad) when prompted at the final choice of the route's story, and as long as the entire route is played through once, the Epilogue of the route will also unlock.

However, please note that to unlock various post-game stories in the Gallery, different routes will need to be completed. Check your "Navigation Menu" to see how far you've gotten in the story and what you need left to "complete" a route.

Here are the official "best play-through" choice selections.


Say something.

> Select Jamie

Jamie’s Route

Episode 1: The Boy In The Cafe

No choices.

Episode 2: A New Hire

Try to play it cool. Keyword: try.

Episode 3: The Singing Kitten


Episode 4: Magic, Music & Mozzarella!

Moonlight Sonata.

Episode 5: Fireworks & Fireflies

No choices.

Pull him into a hug.

Episode 6: Tragedy in C#

Only if it's ice cream!

Episode 7: A Festival of Lights

Admit the truth.

Say you'll perform.

Episode 8: Lumios

Keep reading. (Continues to intimate scene, optional.)

Skip to morning. (Skips intimate scene, optional.)

Give him a kiss.

Episode 9: Haunted, Hunted

No choices.

Episode 10: Lyrics of Love

No choices.

Episode 11: A Concert In The Stars

Jump through the portal. (Leads automatically to Good End)

Find another way to the stage. (Leads automatically to Bad End)

Note: Both endings need to be seen to complete the route and unlock post-game.

Epilogue: Jamie

No choices.


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