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Love Spell - Aslan Route (Official Walkthrough)

This is the Official Walkthrough for Love Spell: Aslan's Story written by the development team for the game.

This walkthrough will lead you to all possible endings for his route–including all four CGs and the unlockable Epilogue and the Super Secret Ending. The Epilogues and post-game content are unlocked via a point system.

If your choices add up to the right amount of points, the additional content is automatically unlocked. If not, you'll see a prompt at the end of the game telling you there's still more to discover.


Say something.

Don’t write in the book. (Aslan’s Route)

** Note: Prologue choices don’t affect anything.

Aslan’s Route

Prelude: Enchanted Encounters

No choices.

Episode 1: Of Witches and Woes

No choices.

Episode 2: The Enchanted Forest

No choices.

Episode 3: A Knightly Encounter

-Agree to help the Knight. (+1)

Episode 4: Journey to the East

-Yes, like a cherry blossom! (+1)

-Let’s go left. (+1)

Episode 5: Adventures in the Desert

-Of course I do. (+1)

Episode 6: Lost at Sea

-Press on to help the captain. (+1)

Episode 7: Enchanted Re-Encounters

-Kiss him. (+1)

-Confess your feelings. (+1)

Episode 8: Waltz of the Witches

-Interject. (+1)

-Stay Silent (Leads automatically to Bad End #1)

Episode 9: Once Upon A Dream

-Play along. (+1)

Episode 10: Through a Wizard’s Eyes (HIS POV)

-She did leave something. (+1)

-Merlow. (+1)

Episode 11: A Web of Dreams… And Deception

-Reject the darkness.

(If less than 7 points, it leads to Good End, but does not unlock Epilogue.)

(If 7 points or more, it leads to Good End and unlocks Epilogue.)

-Accept the darkness. (Leads automatically to Bad End #2)

Epilogue: An Introduction to Magic

No choices.

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