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Support us on Patreon!

Hello, everyone! Today the studio has launched our Official Patreon Page!

We were inspired to start a Patreon after we received multiple messages from several fans asking how could they support what we do better. It was a moment when some of us on the team stepped back and really realized that although we're new and we've barely just started, that there are already people who believe in us, believe in the stories we want to tell, and believe in our games.

While we have so many visions and dreams for our studios and the games we make, ultimately what does enable us to bring all of this to life falls on how much financial support the studio can receive to create and continue to create all of this content.

To say we're small is an understatement. Our company was founded on the eve of a global pandemic and our development for Love Spell almost fell through on several occasions, but more than anything, we made a promise to our supporters of the game and that pushed us through it all. We wanted to keep that promise, against all odds, and prove to those who really believed in us that their support, their trust, and their conviction in us isn't something we take lightly. On the contrary, it's at the heart of everything we do.

Thus, we decided officially to open our doors for others who might feel the same!

We will also be using Patreon as a platform to unlock milestones for our projects.

For example, our first goal is... is to bring a certain Lion to life in Love Spell!!

Help unlock Sergio's official route today by supporting us on Patreon!


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