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#PeachleafFanworks Contest Showcase

Our first-ever community event, the Peachleaf Valley Fanworks Contest, took place during the official Kickstarter campaign for Peachleaf Valley and ended on July 7th, 2021.

From baked goods to breathtaking fanart, immersive fanfiction, and even jewelry making-- our community amazed us with their overwhelming love and support.

Check out some of our amazing entries and their creators below from #PeachleafFanworks!

Fan Art:

*To see artist credit, please hover your mouse over the art.

Baked Goods:

  • Seraphina's Butter Pound Cake by Ashley West

  • Great Spirits Chocolates by Laura Haussler

Embroidery & Paper Crafts:

  • Peachleaf Valley x Among Us Embroidery by @ABigFanGirl7

  • Eden Scrapbooking Collage by @angelinachea

  • Peachleaf Valley Logo (on a homemade loom) by Indeediant

  • Seraphina (Heroine) Bookmark by @xenostatica


  • Seraphina Cosplay by Kia Fier @kiaisnotcrazy

  • Jude Doll Cosplay by @Alykyto


  • Tequa and Eden and Arias Jewelry Sets by Yuumira

  • 3 Great Spirits Coral Earrings by Mimzy Whimsy

  • Eden Jewelry Piece by @Kattie_Frey


Peachleaf Valley Short Story "Anniversary" by Kaley Connell, @kaley_connell

Flowers for Eden by Anne, @ruinsoflemuria

Thank you to everyone who participated and for all the love and support aimed at Peachleaf Valley!

Although the contest is over, we welcome everyone who wishes to share their creativity with us to use the hashtag #PeachleafFanworks or email us directly with the subject head "Gretuski Fanworks" -- we love seeing what our small yet incredibly talented community puts together!

Thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next time!


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