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Our Video Game is on Kickstarter!

My debut romance visual novel/otome game, Love Spell: Written In The Stars!

Hey everyone! We have an exciting and quite a big announcement to share!! Our debut indie game, “Love Spell: Written In The Stars”, has officially hit Kickstarter!

For the past several months, we've been hard at work with the development of my debut romance visual novel/otome game. We have been blessed enough to also enlist the help of several outstanding artists, programmers and more! We have quite the amazing team!

Our adorable mascot, Philia!

Now we’ve hit Kickstarter! Now you can learn many more details about the game, such as: the story, the cast and even a promotional video teaser! Check out our Kickstarter below and consider backing to make this project a reality! Even if you can't financially back us, sharing with your friends and family would be an equally important and appreciated way to help!

Supporting us with donations on PayPal and Ko-Fi are also acceptable for those who don't have or don't want to make Kickstarter accounts!

Note all donors who support us with $5 and up will have their names recorded in the game’s credits!!

We are so excited to take you all on this magical adventure that's been brewing in our hearts for quite some time and even more excited to share everything about this game with you!


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