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Love Spell: Fanworks Contest Announcement!

Hello, everyone! With the recent release of our massive content expansion, "Love Spell: Starlight Edition", the development team has decided to put together a small contest to celebrate the game!

Check out the official Love Spell Fanworks Contest!

Express your inner magic for Love Spell with a fanmade work and enter for a chance to win a Collector's Edition Set of the game!

Participants from all around the world are welcome to enter as we'll ship both domestically and internationally for this contest!


-Must be an original, fanmade work about "Love Spell: Written In The Stars"

-Tag us on social media (@gretuskigames) and #LoveSpellFanworks

-No NSFW or inappropriate themes allowed.

-And most importantly... have fun!

"Fanmade Works" can mean anything! So, this is a chance to get creative!



-Crochet & Stitching

-Jewelry Making



-Cooking, etc.

To enter, you can either submit via social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) and tag @gretuskigames with the hashtag #LoveSpellFanworks or...

Email us directly with your submission at; subject head "Love Spell Fanworks Entry"

By entering the Contest, you agree and allow us to potentially share and feature your fanworks on social media and our website. (Of course, all shared fanworks will have appropriate, visible credit to their creators. Please include your watermarks!)

1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be chosen!

3 Runner-Up Winners will receive a digital key of "Love Spell: Starlight Edition" and "Aslan's Story (DLC)"

Thank you so much! We hope you'll participate in the fun!

WINNERS WERE ANNOUNCED VIA TWITTER & CONTACTED THROUGH EMAIL (for those who submitted through email) ON 12/4/23!


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