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Freelance Otome Game Illustrator - Job Application
(CLOSED) Deadline: January 13, 2023
Job Overview:

Great Gretuski Studios LLC is looking for a Freelance Otome Game Illustrator to join our team.

In this position, you will work closely with other artists, designers, and directors to create immersive and creative 2D assets for commercial romance visual novels and merchandising ventures. 

Examples of the primary assets you will be creating in this role are: character sprite art, concept sketches, promotional art pieces, key/splash art, CG illustrations, artbook covers, chibi designs, and more.

Please note, this position is mainly for character-based works.

We have multiple projects that vary drastically in art direction and artistic style, so we encourage all interested 2D-based artists to apply, but please keep in mind that our overall angle is generally more anime and manga-inspired.

*Please note this is a fully remote, contract-based position with long-term work (6+ months)

Required Skills:
  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Fluent comprehension of American English and able to communicate effectively in this language.

  • In-depth knowledge of human anatomy, proportion, perspective, composition, color theory, shading, lighting, and post-processing.

  • Ability to work with and optimize existing assets.

  • Open-minded and able to receive and implement feedback.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and organization skills.

  • Able to meet consistent deadlines.

  • Comfort and ability to draw a variety of themes that may include partial nudity, NSFW elements, characters of diverse backgrounds and ages, fantasy themes, animals/mascots, chibis, etc.

  • A passion for otome games or visual novels.

To Apply:
  • Please send us your CV (optional, but preferred) and a short introduction with your application.

  • Please head the email subject "Freelance Game Artist Application"

  • *IMPORTANT* Pay Rate: (Please include your freelance deliverable-based rate(s). We are willing and eager to match this amount, but different projects have different budgets, so please specify if these rates are open to negotiation or not.)

  • *REQUIRED* Please attach a portfolio or link(s) to other accessible galleries/websites with examples of your work.

  • We also HIGHLY PREFER if your portfolio can include several examples of Fully-Body character art, Half-Body/Bust art, Chibi art, and Illustration work with 2(+) characters. (See examples below.) as these types of assets will be the most commonly requested for this position.

Asset Examples:
Full-Body Sprite (1).png
Half-Body Sprite (1).png
Please note: We do not send out individual rejection emails due to moderation concerns. However, applicants are free to circle back and inquire about the status of their individual application following 30 Days from the posting deadline.
This job application window has officially ended!
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