Freelance GUI/User Interface Artist - Job Application
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Job Overview:
Deadline: October 22nd, 2021 - 10PM EST [CLOSED]

Great Gretuski Studios LLC is looking for a creative freelance GUI/UX artist who specializes in the creation, implementation, and optimization of user-friendly graphics, icons, game menus, dialogue screens, and buttons for visual novels and otome games. (Please note this position does not entail coding or programming of any sort. This is strictly for a graphical/design artist, rather than a UI/UX programmer.)

Other duties of this role may include designing graphics, optimizing animations, designing typography to match the theme of the game, and adding to the overall usability of the game.

Primary work will include designing the following elements for a visual novel using different aesthetic themes:

-Main Menu Screen
-Save Screen
-Load Screen
-Options Screen
-Gallery Screen
-Dialogue Textbox


In this position, you will work directly with game designers to understand how players need to utilize the interface throughout the game. You will create a design based on this information and then work under the art director to implement it.

*Please note this is a fully remote, contract-based position.

Required Skills:
  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Strong digital art & design skills.

  • Strong people skills and work ethic; this is a very teamwork-oriented position that will involve collaboration with game directors, artists, editors, etc.

  • Proficient at maintaining organized, easy to understand project files.

  • Able to complete time-sensitive and deadline-driven projects.

  • Fluent comprehension of American English and able to communicate effectively in this language.

  • A passion for otome games or visual novels.

  • A portfolio with at least 4 samples of previous GUI/UX work.

To Apply:
  • Please send us your portfolio, CV, and a short introduction with your application.

  • Please head the email subject "Freelance GUI/UX Artist Application"

  • *IMPORTANT* Pay Rate: (We request all artists provide us their own rates for GUI works. If you charge based on complexity, please include appropriate examples with your different rates. We are willing and eager to match this amount, but different projects have different budgets, so please specify if these rates are open to negotiation or not.)

  • *IMPORTANT* Remember to attach your portfolio! (Entries submitted without sample works will not be reviewed.)

Please note: We do not send out individual rejection or status update emails due to quantity and moderation concerns. However,  applicants are free to circle back and inquire about the status of their individual application following 30 Days from the posting deadline.

Submit your application to

This job application window has officially ended!

For reference of the type of GUI design styles we are primarily looking for, please see the following samples.

(These are photo-references only. We do not claim to own any of the material below and they are included exclusively for clarification purposes only.)