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Freelance Game Programmer - Job Application
Job Overview:
Deadline: (Extended) May 10, 2022  - 10PM EST [CLOSED]

Great Gretuski Studios LLC is looking for a qualified freelance game programmer(s) to join our team that is expanding on the creation of romance visual novels and otome games in PC and console markets. In this role, the Game Programmer will be tasked with writing and developing application-specific code based on design requirements, with a UX/UI integration focus.

Responsibilities for this role are outlined as the following:


  • Implement and support UI systems & game code for a diverse array of projects using C++/C# (Unity) or Python (Ren'Py)

  • Test and refine systems throughout the development cycle of the project

  • Work closely with design and art disciplines in the development of features

  • Write clear, maintainable, portable code


In this position, you will work closely with artists, designers, directors, and other programmers to iterate on gameplay features and ensure a great player experience.


We have multiple projects that use different engines and are looking to hire for both Unity & Ren'Py based projects.

*Please note this is a fully remote, contract-based position.

Required Skills:
  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Fluent comprehension of American English and able to communicate effectively in this language.

  • Academic degree in Computer Science, or another comparable degree area (or comparable experience)

  • 1+ years of professional software development experience

  • Solid C++ or C# knowledge, and/or Python knowledge (different roles for different projects available)

  • Solid architecture, system design, and analytical skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and problem-solving ability

  • A passion for otome games or visual novels

The following skills are NOT required, but highly preferred:

  • Experience developing and supporting a variety of visual novel-style games

  • Experience developing on game consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One)

  • Experience with Unity GUI

  • Experience with Naninovel

To Apply:
  • Please send us your CV and a short introduction with your application.

  • Please head the email subject "Freelance Game Programmer Application"

  • *IMPORTANT* Pay Rate: (Please include your freelance hourly/deliverable-based rate(s). We are willing and eager to match this amount, but different projects have different budgets, so please specify if these rates are open to negotiation or not.)

  • *OPTIONAL* Please feel free to attach any portfolios or links to other publicly-accessible projects you have taken part in and detail what your role for the project was in terms of programming. (Highly preferred.)

Please note: We do not send out individual rejection emails due to moderation concerns. However, applicants are free to circle back and inquire about the status of their individual application following 30 Days from the posting deadline.

This job application window has officially ended!
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