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Peachleaf Valley: Seeds of Love
Voice Acting Casting Call
Project Information:

“Peachleaf Valley: Seeds of Love” is a romance visual novel/otome game currently in development whose premise is inspired off of farming-sim genre classics such as “Harvest Moon”, “Stardew Valley” and “Rune Factory”.


At this time, we are currently looking to cast 15 total characters, divided upon roles as follows:

  • 4 Main Characters

  • 5 Major NPCs

  • 3 Special Characters

  • 3 Side Characters

Audition Information:

It is CRUCIAL you take the time to read our audition guidelines and other important information outlined below. 


  • The deadline for this casting call will be April 2nd, 2021 at midnight EST.

  • Audio quality is of the highest priority for this production. We expect your audition files to have clear and high quality sounding audio with no pops, hisses, peaking or background noises.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to audition for this project.

  • All roles will be PAID. VAs to determine their rates.

  • Please submit your auditions in MP3 or WAV format.

  • Submit all of your auditions to

  • Please include the following information in your email:

    • Name/Alias (What you wish to be credited as)

    • Contact details (Social media/email/discord, etc.)

    • Time Zone

    • Audition(s) files

    • Character(s) you are auditioning for

    • Payment Rate in USD (per line, per word or fixed rate) 

    • Links to any portfolios or professional website (Optional)

    • CV/Previous Experience (Optional)


  • Please label your file(s) as:

    • “Character_YourName” (Example: Hunter_JohnSmith)

  • Please label your email subject line:

    • Peachleaf Audition - YourName”


  • All auditions should be in one file per character. Please do not send separate files for each line.

    • Maximum of two takes per line.

    • You can apply for more than one character.

  • This casting call is for the production of our game’s demo in anticipation for our Kickstarter campaign. It is not the casting call for the full game.

  • We request all VAs provide us their own rates for this project. We will do our best to match the amount, but please remember this is in preparation for a crowdfunding campaign, so there is a limited, set budget. That being said, if you are able to offer flexible rates at this current stage, please state so in your audition email. This factor will be given considerable weight during our selection process. 

    • ​Please note: if our game is successfully funded with voice acting, all selected VAs will be invited to assume full roles in the official game. Rates will be renegotiated at that time.

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement and VA Work Contract will be expected to be signed upon hiring. Recordings are to be used solely and exclusively for “Peachleaf Valley.” All recordings, character artworks, etc. are protected under copyright and are only to be used at our discretion.

  • Questions and inquiries can be submitted to us in our “About Us” page’s form or emailed to us at

  • We will do our best to answer as promptly as possible! Please understand, we can only reveal a limited amount of information about the game/cast at this point in time.

  • The artwork included below is all concept art of the game to provide auditionees with visual references of the characters. Please note, these are not the full-rendered sprites.

Now, let’s meet the cast!

Open Roles (Main Characters)
Character Name: Jude

Age: Mid-Late 20s

A quiet, collected young man who helps his elderly grandparents run the bakery in Peachleaf Town. He’s not one for too many words and generally prefers to keep to himself. Though he may not show it on the surface, he’s actually pretty well in touch with his surroundings and even better at reading people. He hates being the center of attention and definitely does what he can to avoid the limelight.

Personality Traits: Guarded, Cool, Melancholic, Aloof

Voice References: Riku, Kingdom Hearts 2 / Joker, Persona 5 The Animation / Noctis, Final Fantasy XV

Sample Lines:

1. “That day at the meadow… you… you shared your story with me. Who you are, who you’ve been and how you ended up here. This time… let me share mine with you.”

Having a heart-to-heart, but almost as if a little nervous.

2. “...Contrary to what it might seem like on the surface, tending to a bakery, even one of this size, requires a lot of work and experience. It’s not cut out for amateurs.”

With a slightly harsh, cold tone.

3. “Relax, gramps. Jeez, you've been back for less than a minute and you're nagging already? Besides, you know it always gets kind of empty at this hour. No need for nags.”

Light-hearted, aimed towards someone he cares for.

4. “G-Granny's boy?! Why do you keep calling me that?! I-Is it a crime to love my grandmother?!”

With a flustered, tsundere-esque tone.

Character Name: Hunter

Age: Late 20s-Early 30s

A kind and cheerful young man who was born and raised in Peachleaf Valley. Hunter lives and works on one of the biggest farms in the area alongside his family.  He’s the type to see someone in need and help them without thinking twice. Hunter is beloved by most of the townspeople for his incredibly friendly and proactive personality. He’s best friends with Jude and Emilia.

Personality Traits: Himbo, Big-Brother like, Dependable, Optimistic

Voice References: Galo Thymos, Promare / Rokurou, Tales of Beseria / Champion Leon, Pokemon: Twilight Wings 


Sample Lines:

1. “Nope, I’ve decided! I'm gonna make sure this whole town knows your name! You'll have friends in every nook and cranny you can look in! Just leave it to me!”

With a cheerful, energetic tone.

2. “Knock yourself out, but it doesn't look like she plans on budging anytime soon. Honestly Bess... you've gotten real prickly in old age, you know that?”

With a slightly tired, grumpy tone.

3. “Hey, Ma! Welcome back home! How was the tri-- O-OW! W-What was that for?! What'd I do?!”

With a flustered, surprised tone as if suddenly getting slapped in the face.

4. “...You have one hell of a smile, you know that? It could light up this whole valley.”

With a genuine, meaningful tone.

Character Name: Naadim

Age: Mid-Late 20s

A mysterious traveling dancer who lives at the inn. He often puts on shows for the townspeople. Despite the charming smile he always wears for his many admirers, he seems to put up a wall between himself and others. Quite the charmer, he can typically be found surrounded by people at the bar or taking a long nap by the river.

Personality Traits: Charismatic, Flirtatious, Lax, Teasing

Voice References: Prince Castor, Bravely Default 2 / Kaname Tosen, Bleach / Claude, Fire Emblem Three Houses


Sample Lines:

1. “I am appreciative of your words and gifts. You are all far too kind. I hope you'll come watch me dance again sometime.”

With a polite and pleased tone.

2. “Oh, my. You’re not falling for me, are you? I’m afraid I really can’t recommend that as the wisest course of action.”

With an amused and flirty tone.

3. “And I love you enough to ask you to forget about this... and forget about me. For I tread down a path you cannot hope to follow.”

With a saddened, heartbroken yet serious tone.

4. “That is enough! I have told you once and I will tell you time and time again... I will not return your affections. Not today, not ever. There is nothing more to discuss.”

With an angered, menacing tone.

Character Name: Skylar

Age: Late 20s-Early 30s

A wealthy art collector who lives in a grand manor on the northern side of town with his little sister. He hails from high society and is a descendant of the nobility. He is quite extravagant in all senses of the word, usually coming off quite strong to the people who first meet him. Despite this, he’s an incredibly observant, attentive, and caring individual. (This character is fluent in French and ideally has a bit of an accent. However, we welcome all auditions.)

Personality Traits: Confident, Prince-like, Energetic

Voice References: France, Hetalia / Ferdinand, Fire Emblem: Three Houses / Shu Tsukiyama, Tokyo Ghoul 


Sample Lines:

1. “Do all city dwellers have such overactive imaginations? If I was going to be galloping over a mountain, I'd assure you I'd be wearing different boots!”

With a scoff and a teasing tone.

2. “Mademoiselle... I may not know your name... but I know that your beauty is the envy of every flower in this shop!”

With a starry-eyed, excited tone.

3. “O-Oh, I see. Forgive my prying, my lady. I did not mean to paint sadness on such a stunning canvas as your own. After all, a smile suits you much, much better.”

With an apologetic, guilty tone.

4. “Forgive my terrible manners! How could I ask for your name when I have not graced you with my own? I am Skylar Dutoit Eclair Jean-Jacques Pelletoir IX! A proud, proud resident of this magnificent valley!”

With a dramatic tone that eventually morphs into a prideful one.

Open Roles (Major NPCs)
Character Name: Earl

Age: 70s

An energetic, wise, and cheerful old farmer who meets the MC in the prologue. He is also the mayor of Peachleaf Town and is Jude’s grandfather. Earl is a true child at heart who never acts his age, always cracking jokes that bring a smile to the townspeople’s faces with his sunny disposition.


Voice References: Master Roshi / Dragon Ball Z

Personality Traits: Country bumpkin, Funny, Messes up his back trying to do things he can’t do at his age


Sample Lines:


1. “...Evenin' there, missy. I'm afraid you're a bit late for the market. Seems 'ya mighta missed all the good deals, but well... are 'ya interested in hearing more about the valley, by chance?

With a friendly and cheerful tone.


With an excited, happy tone as if talking to a beloved pet.

3. “OHH! There ya go again with the ghost stories, Fiona! Haven't I told ya a thousand times it ain't good for tourism?!”

With an angered, matter-of-factly tone.

4. “My ma always used to say we're all like little saplings, growin' and sproutin' at our own paces and in our own directions… but don't hold yourself back from bloomin' just because you're not sure where your petals might fall.”

With a nostalgic, wise tone like a grandfather imparting wisdom on his grandkid.

1. “Oh, I thought I heard your voice, dear! You arrived just in time! I have a delicious carrot cake with your name on it in the oven!”

Character Name: Nina

Age: 70s

An incredibly sweet, warm, and caring old woman who runs the local bakery. She loves baking sweets for her husband, Earl, and her grandson, Jude. She becomes a grand-motherly figure of sorts to the MC as the story progresses.

Personality Traits: Sweet as honey, loves to dote on her family, Attentive

Voice References: Mrs. Potts, Beauty & The Beast / Fairy Godmother, Cinderella


Sample Lines:


With a happy, excited tone.

2. “Please pardon my little Jude. He’s not usually like this. I wonder what's got him so flustered...”

With a worried, embarrassed tone.

3. “Oh, my poor darling! You look absolutely famished! How about I whip you up a nice dessert? With roasted chestnuts on top, just how you like! What do you say?”

With a worried tone that morphs into a loving granny who just wants to feed you.

Character Name: Emilia

Age: Late 20s

A "big-sister" like young lady who works at the town's flower shop. She runs the shop with her grandmother. Although she is usually composed, she can have quite a scary temper when angered. Emilia loves to gossip about romance and is prone to teasing the MC when she finds out she might be interested in one of the bachelors. She’s old childhood friends with both Jude and Hunter and sees them as her dork brothers instead of grown men.

Personality Traits: Strong-willed, Looks after everyone, Scary when mad

Sample Lines:


1. “Ah, hello there! You must be the new resident, right? It’s so nice to finally meet you! Welcome to Peachleaf Valley! My name is Emilia. I run this flower shop with my grandmother, Fiona.”

With a happy, friendly tone.

2. “Err, s-sorry... I've been living in this town my whole life, but I've never run into anyone that fits that description here. Are you sure you’ve got the right person?”

With a confused, worried tone.

3. “Honestly! How dense are you idiots?! Do you know how many heart-broken girls I've had to console in this valley thanks to you two nitwits?! I’m getting real tired of this!”

With a scolding tone, like someone who's just 100% done with the two brain cells that are Hunter and Jude.

Character Name: Duke

Age: Early-Mid 40s

A retired doctor from the city. After a nasty divorce, he only seeks to live out the rest of his days in quiet peace. He manages the Peachleaf Inn by day and the town’s lively bar by night. Duke is a serious middle-aged man who can seem intimidating and strict at first, but he's pretty soft underneath that rough exterior.

Personality Traits: Serious, Down to earth, Logical


Voice References: Gladiolus, Final Fantasy XV / Malik, Tales of Graces

Sample Lines:


1. “Name's Duke, I run this inn with the help of a few employees. Earl's gone ahead and given me the rundown already. Welcome to Peachleaf.”

With a polite tone.

2. “Y'know, I was wondering when you were gonna come out of that damn room of yours. Come over here and introduce yourself to the inn's newest hire, would you?”

With a teasing, yet serious tone.

3. “...Good grief. What’s a man gotta do to get some peace and quiet around here?”

With a tired tone, as if suffering from a headache.

Character Name: Fiona

Age: 70s

A short, grumpy, elderly woman who runs the flower shop alongside her granddaughter, Emilia. Fiona is a devout believer in the supernatural/paranormal and is the only person in the valley who truly thinks that there are spirits amongst them. Because of her strange, eccentric stories, people usually think she's crazy or that she might even be a witch. She and Earl used to be rival farmers in their youth and they get along like a cat and a dog.

Personality Traits: Grumpy, Superstitious, Knows a lot about the legends of the valley

Sample Lines:


1. “Welcome to the valley, child. I hope you don't already want to go running for the hills after being sandwiched between Earl AND Skylar in a single day.”

With a polite tone that morphs into an insult.

2. “Just because the spirits have never chosen to grace a FOOL like you with their benevolence does not mean that they do not dwell amongst us!”

With an angered tone directed at someone who is the equivalent of a thorn in her side... *cough* Earl.

3. “Our valley is home to much more than what you merely see on the surface. Inside of its forests, peaks and waters lie many hidden secrets. It is said spirits of the earth, sky and sea make their home here as well. You would do well to respect their domains.”

With a respectful, yet almost ominous tone as if telling a scary story.

Open Roles (Special Characters)

Note: At this time, we cannot reveal many details about what role these characters will play in the game. Just know they are tied heavily to the lore of the valley and the fantasy aspects of the story.


They will each go on to have major roles.

Character Name: Spirit of the Skies

Voice Guide: Late 20s Male

The first of the Three Great Spirits that dwell in Peachleaf Valley. He has control over the weather, the winds, and the skies. He sits atop of the spiritual hierarchy, watching over his entire domain on a throne at the top of a snowy cliff. Hates humans and sees them as nothing but insignificant and useless creatures.


Personality traits: Merciless, Manipulative, Cunning


Voice References: Dio, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure / Ardyn, Final Fantasy XV

Sample Lines:

1. “Oh my… it seems a little sheep has lost her way. Heh. What a pity. I’m afraid you’ve just walked into the wolf’s den, my dear.”


With a feigned surprise.

2. “If I snapped my fingers right at this moment, I could have you reduced to nothing but dust fluttering in the wind. So, tell me… what exactly is stopping me?”

With an indignant tone, knowing he has the strength to back up the claim.

3. “I would be mindful of whom you direct that tone at, dearest brother. Unless you’d like your pathetic lifespan to be cut terribly short.”

With an angered tone directed at someone beneath him.

Character Name: Spirit of the Seas

Voice Guide: Late 20s Male

The second of the Three Great Spirits that dwell in Peachleaf Valley. He has dominion over the seas and all its creatures. Has appeared in mythology before as a great, terrifying sea serpent. He also seems to hate humans on the surface, but is that truly how he feels inside?


Personality traits: Short-tempered, Commanding, Fierce

Voice References: Gaius, Tales of Xillia 2 / Alucard, Castlevania

Sample Lines:

1. “Tch. Of course, a human is the one causing all of this trouble. What else could it be? There isn’t a more infuriating species alive on the planet.”


With disdain and annoyance.

2. “So, you didn’t drown? Heh. Perhaps you aren’t as frail as I thought you were. Interesting.”

With somewhat surprised amusement and intrigue.

3. “The sea is my temple and every single creature that lurks below it’s cerulean depths bows to me and only me. My word is law here. My actions, justice. I answer to no one. Especially not a human.”

With a threatening tone.

Character Name: Spirit of the Land

Voice Guide: Late 20s Male

The third of the Three Great Spirits that dwell in Peachleaf Valley. He has dominion over the earth, plants, and animals. Unlike his elder brothers, he harbors no ill-will towards humans. If anything, he shows compassion and curiosity towards them. He is a silent pacifist who will do no harm, even at his own expense. He watches and protects the earth from his throne hidden deep inside the heart of the forest.


Personality traits: Patient, Peaceful, Curious


Voice References: Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle / Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket 

Sample Lines:

1. “Forgive me. I didn’t mean to frighten you. I only wanted to lend my assistance. It seems your arm was injured in the crossfire. Here, let me see it.”


With sympathy.

2. “I… am sorry… I could not… protect… you. Please… leave this place… you must. Q-Quickly, g-go...”

With a strained tone, defeated and almost heartbroken.

3. “If that is what you wish, I shall grant it. Now then, close your eyes and listen to the voices of the land. They will guide you.”

With a patient, knowing tone.

Open Roles (Side Characters)

If interested in auditioning for one of these minor side characters, please send us a link to your demo reel! 

Energetic Elementary School Kid - M/F
Money-Grubbing Landlord - M
Pissed Driver - M
Closing Notes

This is sure not to be the last of our casting calls, so consider following us on social media to stay up to date with the latest news, cast reveals, development updates, job opportunities, giveaways, and more!

Also, be one of the first to be notified of when the"Peachleaf Valley" campaign goes live by signing up here:

Thanks for checking out our casting call!

We eagerly await your audition!

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