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Freelance Otome Game Writer - Job Application
Job Overview:
Deadline: June 30, 2021 - 10PM EST

Great Gretuski Studios LLC is looking for several creative freelance writers interested in creating interactive romance fiction for indie romance visual novels and otome games.

We are looking to establish a long-term role with writer(s) who will be able to create and assist in the production of compelling and immersive game scripts in tangent with our game development team and in-house writers.

We have a multitude of different genre projects available to work on, but romance is at the forefront of all the stories we create and an ideal candidate will have both experience and passion for writing romantic content.

The game genre our studio specializes in is otome games; which is a genre of story-based video games that is generally targeted towards women. Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship primarily between the female player character and one of several traditionally male characters.

*Please note this is a fully remote position.

Required Skills:
  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Strong creative writing skills with a passion for immersive storytelling.

  • Strong people skills and work ethic; this is a very teamwork-oriented position that will involve close collaboration with other writers, game directors, editors, etc.

  • Proficient at maintaining organized, easy to understand project files and plot outlines.

  • Able to complete time-sensitive and deadline-driven projects.

  • Native level comprehension of American English and grammar.

  • Must be able to understand and master the custom writing format of our script deliverables.

  • A passion for otome games or romance-oriented works.

  • At least 1-2 years of applicable professional experience in creative writing or a literary academic degree.

Writing Test:
Please note: To apply for this position, besides submitting the information asked for below, you are also REQUIRED to submit a writing test.

Test Instructions:

  1. In the PDF above, you will find a basic outline for a scene between two characters. Pick the one of the 3 different genre scenes included and write a 800(+) word scene based on the information/plot provided to you. (If interested, you can submit multiple tests for different scenes, but you are required to at least submit one.)

  2. You will need to write the test scene in the custom writing format specified in the sample. This will mirror the formatting style of major deliverables for this position.

Click on the button above to download our writing test and instructions in PDF format.

Please also submit your test entry in a PDF format in the form below.

Application Form:

Please submit the following information via email to apply for this position:


  • Legal Name

  • Pen Name (optional)

  • Email

  • Preferred Pronouns

  • Link to CV or Portfolio

    Interview Questions:

  • Have you ever written for visual novels or otome games before?

  • How comfortable are you with transitioning writing styles to a dialogue-heavy based style system? It is important to note that our scripts are not written in traditional novel-style formats, but those more similar to screenplays.

  • Have you ever played a visual novel or otome game before? If so, which is your favorite and why?

  • Because we have other writers already on the team, for some projects, it may be required to keep a consistent writing style that matches the tone of the script and story we've already created. How comfortable do you feel in your ability to make this work?

  • What are your personal favorite genres to write? 

  • Please attach 1-3 writing samples with your application in PDF formats. (They can simply be exerts or pieces from unpublished works, but we'd like to get a firsthand look at your organic writing style for consideration. Romance genre writing is preferred.)

  • *IMPORTANT* Writing Rate: (We request all writers provide us their own rates on either a per word rate or an average/ flat rate for a 35,000 worded script deliverable. We are willing and eager to match this amount, but different projects have different budgets, so please specify if these rates are open to negotiation or not.)

  • *IMPORTANT* Remember to attach your test! (Entries submitted without a formal test will not be reviewed.)


Submit your application to

Thanks for checking out our job posting!

We eagerly await your application!

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