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Peachleaf Valley: Seeds of Love
Voice Acting Casting Call - Part 2
Project Information:

“Peachleaf Valley: Seeds of Love” is a romance visual novel/otome game currently in development by Great Gretuski Studios whose premise is inspired off of farming-sim genre classics such as “Harvest Moon”, “Stardew Valley” and “Rune Factory”.


At this time, we are currently looking to cast 18 total characters, divided upon roles as follows:

  • 13 Major NPCs

  • 2 Special Characters

  • 3 Side Characters

Audition Information:

It is CRUCIAL you take the time to read our audition guidelines & other important information outlined below. 


  • The deadline for this casting call will be April 2nd, 2021 at midnight EST.

  • Audio quality is of the highest priority for this production. We expect your audition files to have clear and high quality sounding audio with no pops, hisses, peaking or background noises.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to audition for this project.

  • All roles will be PAID. VAs to include their own rates.

  • Please submit your auditions in MP3 or WAV format.

  • Submit all of your auditions to

  • Please include the following information in your email:

    • Name/Alias (What you wish to be credited as)

    • Contact details (social media/email/discord, etc.)

    • Time Zone

    • Audition(s) files

    • Character(s) you are auditioning for

    • Payment Rate in USD (per line) 

    • Links to any portfolios or professional website (Optional)

    • CV/Previous Experience (Optional)


  • Please label your file(s) as:

    • “Character_YourName” (Example: Giuseppe_JohnSmith)

  • Please label your email subject line:

    • Peachleaf Valley Audition - Your Name”


  • All auditions should be in one file per character. Please do not send separate files for each line.

    • Maximum of two takes per line.

    • You can audition for more than one character, but no more than three.

  • This casting call is for the production of the full game. If you are selected, you will be expected to begin officially recording soon after the audition process is completed.

  • Please note that Peachleaf Valley only features partial voice acting, not full voice acting.

  • We request all VAs provide us with their own rates for this project. Likewise, please include if your rates are negotiable or non-negotiable in your audition email. 

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement and VA Work Contract will be expected to be signed upon hiring. Recordings are to be used solely and exclusively for “Peachleaf Valley.” All recordings, character artworks, etc. are protected under copyright and are only to be used at our discretion.

  • Questions and inquiries can be submitted to us in our “About Us” page’s form or emailed to us at

  • The artwork included below is all concept art of the game to provide auditionees with visual references of the characters. Please note, these are not the full-rendered sprites.

Now, let’s meet the cast!

Open Roles (Major NPCs)

1. “Hehe! Look, Sky, look! Mama gave me a new teddy bear! We named him Sir Puffipoofs IX! Isn't he the cutest?!"

Character Name: Elsie

Skylar's pampered baby sister and the "little princess" of Rose Manor. Elsie is a sheltered, snooty, and silly little girl who takes after her brother. To Elsie, Skylar is her favorite person in the whole world.

However, because Skylar has spoiled her growing up, she has developed some… bad habits… including not listening to the maids and throwing terrible tantrums when something doesn't go her way.

Age: Child         Personality: Snobby, refined & spoiled

Audition Lines:


With a happy, excited tone.

2. “I am Elisanne Dutoit Eclair Elizabeth Marie Pelletoir III and YOU are an INSECT.  Now, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.”

With a dramatic, angered tone.

3. “B-But... don't you hate me? I said some really awful things to you, didn't I? I'm sorry... I promise I won't be bad anymore."

With an apologetic, guilty tone.

Character Name: Hubbie

Hunter’s baby brother and Heather’s youngest son. A quiet little boy who idolizes his big brother, Hunter. Hubbie loves reading comic books, playing with the animals, and going to the ponds to look for frogs.

He is very shy with strangers and will hide behind his mom whenever he sees someone he doesn't recognize. However, his shyness seems to go out the window when it comes to "Koko Ninja", his favorite cartoon show.

Age: Child         Personality: Shy, curious & good-natured

Audition Lines:


1. “H-Hi... um... I'm Hubbie. N-Nice to meet you... uh, can I leave now?"

With a shy, hesitant tone.

2. “Big Bro! Look! Check out this weird frog I found! Huh? What do you mean he's poisonous?”

With a happy tone that turns curious.

3. “W-Wait... you watch Koko Ninja? R-Really?! Whose your favorite character? Mine's definitely Lord Kororo! He reminds of Big Bro!

With a surprised, excited tone.

Character Name: Melody

Duke's young, tween daughter. Melody is a preppy, energetic, and mischievous little girl who seems really proficient at stressing her father out. Instead of devoting herself to her studies, she is obsessed with fashion, internet celebrities, and make-up gurus.


She spends her time reading up on the latest trends, browsing social media, idolizing boy bands, and doing just about anything but her homework.

Age: Tween        Personality: Energetic, silly & outgoing

Audition Lines:


1. “HOLY CRAP! Your pores are like SO SMALL! And your skin IS SO CLEAR! Oh my gosh, what's your secret, lady?! What skincare products do you use?!"

With an excited, determined tone.

2. "HUH?! I'm STILL getting grounded?! AND I'm on toilet duty?! DAD, C'MOOOOON!"

With a shocked, exasperated tone.

3. “A true magician never reveals her secrets! ...But there are a lot of great uses for bobby pins, according to ViewTube, hehe!"

With a prideful, mischievous tone.

Character Name: Shaari

Though she may look like an ordinary child, Shaari is a skilled fighter and has a vast knowledge of many different things. Her personality is quiet, obedient, and strict; she only usually speaks when spoken to and follows her orders without a second thought.


She struggles with expressing herself and comes off as cold, but in reality, she's just socially awkward. She admires Shameena more than anything in the world.

Age: Tween        Personality: Blunt, tomboyish & observant

Audition Lines:


1. “Friendship? Pardon me, but... is such a thing truly necessary? Honestly, I've no interest in forming relationships. I am only here to fulfill my duty, quickly and efficiently."

With a blunt, matter-of-fact tone.

2. "My apologies. My actions have caused you both grief. I am truly sorry. I will take my leave now."

With a hurt, saddened tone.

3. “Heh... you must spend a lot of time with Naadim. You both speak in similar manners and seem to care a great deal about the freedom involved in the paces of life. I must admit, it's a refreshing point of view."

With a soft, pleased tone.

Character Name: Émile

The newest hire at Rose Manor; a diligent and extremely capable young man who works as a butler for Skylar. Despite his youthful appearance, he can be extremely critical and is not afraid of calling others out on their mistakes.


When it comes to work, he's a perfectionist and can end up being quite harsh on others who are not up to par with his standards. Therese, despite being his senior, often finds herself victim to his ruthless lectures.

Age: Older Teen   Personality: Judgemental, critical & snippy

Audition Lines:


1. “Tell me. Are your ears for show or do they even work? How many times must I repeat myself for you to complete this basic task?! Ugh, forget it. Just hand it over, I'll do it myself."

With an annoyed, harsh tone.

2. "If you're looking for Lord Skylar, he just left the manor grounds to meet with a guest... Pardon? You were looking for me? Why? Don't you have anything better to do with your time?"

With an informative tone that turns unimpressed.

3. “Heh... you're stupid. But I guess it can be a redeeming trait on some occasion."

With a lowkey happy, tsundere-esque tone.

Character Name: Therese

A maid at Rose Manor and one of Skylar’s most trusted employees. Therese is a bright and friendly person, but she is incredibly clumsy and a little scatter-brained! She's always tripping and falling over herself, causing headaches for the older maids who have to clean up after her.


However, despite all the mistakes she makes, she really does try her best and has a good heart—which everyone can see... (except maybe Emile.) She respects Skylar a great deal and is very loyal to him.

Age: Older Teen   Personality: Clumsy, innocent & sweet

Audition Lines:


1. “Ah! Where are my manners? My name is Therese! And it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to Rose Manor! Please come this way."

With a friendly, happy tone.

2. "Oooooh nooooo! I spilled the tea again! If Emile finds out, he's going to bury me alive in the garden this time! Oh, what do I dooooo?!"

With a remorseful, worried tone.

3. “Thank you for your kindness, milady. You're a wonderful person... no, a wonderful friend. I'm truly happy to have met you."

With a touched, tender tone.

Character Name: Shameena

Naadim's older sister; a beautiful and mature young woman who appears very composed and elegant on the outside. However, when it comes to her beloved little brother, she tends to become quite animated... and just a bit nagging.


Much like Naadim, her past is shrouded in mystery and kept tightly under wraps. She loves telling old stories from her homeland and is not afraid of fighting for what she believes in. It is said she was given the nickname "The Flower of the Desert" back in her hometown.

Age: Adult   Personality: Elegant, mature & teasing

Audition Lines:


1. “Look at you, Naadim! Snoring away on the bank of a river during such an important day! Get up and join the others in preparing for the festival! (pauses) Pardon? What was that?! Don't you talk back at me, young man!"

With a nagging, motherly tone.

2. "In exchange for your kindness, allow me to tell you a story passed through the lands of my home. A tale that begins in a city that lies far, far to the east, submerged in a sea of sand."

With a grateful, story-telling tone.

3. “Heh... now that I take a closer look... why, you're quite adorable, aren't you? Hmm~ Perhaps if Naadim doesn't make you his, I shall make you mine instead. How about it? "

With a playful, sensual tone.

Character Name: Giuseppe

A new resident of Peachleaf Valley, much like the MC. Giuseppe is a wealthy businessman who has come to the valley from overseas to open up a vineyard and winery. The conditions of the valley make it a perfect, plentiful ground for brewing wines.


He is an extravagant man who considers himself very affluent and important... but, he's also kind of wimpy. The type of person that no one really takes seriously. He considers himself to be Duke's esteemed rival, but the feeling isn't mutual. Melody bullies him on the daily.

Age: Adult   Personality: Conceited, funny & dramatic

Audition Lines:


1. “Buongiorno! I am Giuseppe! A pleasure for you all to make my acquaintance, I'm sure! Ah, but please! No autographs until later, si?"

With a happy, smug tone.

2. "SO! You have both come to the Amazing, Splendiferous, and Impeccable Giuseppe's Grand Opening for his award-winning vineyards, yes? Si, si! All this is my trademark quality of wealth and majesty, at your service!"

With an elated, prideful tone.

3. “T-T-TOAD LORD?! Who are you calling a lord of toads, you little miscreant! Argh! Duke! Come and remove your demon spawn from the premises, AT ONCE."

With an insulted, dramatic tone.

Character Name: Talon

A charismatic, cunning reporter from a popular magazine in the city. He's been assigned to interview business owners in the valley for an article.


However, he doesn't really seem to hold a lot of regard for the people of the valley or the valley itself. Most of the time, he just looks really bored around here. His motto is "Anything for a scoop!" What could he really be after?

Age: Adult   Personality: Cunning, charismatic & sly

Audition Lines:


1. “Woaaaah, noisy AND bitchy! You're a real work of art, sweetheart. Anyways, the name's Talon. Don't wear it out."

With an amused, sarcastic tone.

2. "Careful now, kitten. Don't go stroking my ego too much or I may just end up falling for you. And, unfortunately, I'm one of those types who latches on and doesn't tend to let go too easily."

With a cocky, teasing tone that turns a little sinister.

3. “"Small-town living" my ass. Who the hell's gonna give two shits about a bunch of hillbilly farmers living out retirement? Tch. Not even the booze in this dump's any good."

With a bored, annoyed tone.

Character Name: Heather

Hunter and Hubbie's mother and the owner of Elderberry Farm. She is a simple, kind woman who enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. Heather also runs an animal shop on the farm where she sells dairy goods and crops.


Her hobbies include watching old soap operas and naming the farm animals after her favorite characters. She is very proud of both of her sons, but she often worries about Hunter's future. She's also VERY strong.

Age: Adult   Personality: Warm, dependable & assuring

Audition Lines:


1. "Oh goodness, dear, call me "Heather"—no need for any stuffy formalities here. It makes me feel old!"

With an happy, amused tone.

2. "Young man, if you're going to hire someone, at least have the decency to come introduce them yourself! Surely I've raised you with better manners than that."

With an corrective, grumpy tone.

3. "*Sigh* Third time this week. I told him not to go near the ponds after it rains, but it's like talking to a bundle of hay. He really takes after his older brother, this one."

With a tired, sympathetic tone.

Character Name: Fazaan

A calculating, wise man who shares ties to Naadim & Shameena's mysterious past. He considers himself to be the embodiment of justice and true virtue.

He has seen and experienced his own fair share of hardships, leading him to take on a view of the world that is less than kind and full of reproach.

Age: Adult   Personality: Calculative, cold & harsh

Audition Lines:


1. "Do you not listen? Do you not think, boy?! Cease with your insufferable, childish ways and accept your duty with honor!"

With a strict, harsh tone.

2. "Heed my words, you fool. Lest you'd like to be the next in line to disappear in this fog."

With an intimidating, warning tone.

3. "Ah, there you are. How good of you to join us. Tell me, have you finished my commission? I was worried you wouldn't be able to make it in time."

With a smug, sarcastic tone.

Character Name: Stacy

A popular and trendy TV host from the city who comes to the valley to visit her family. Though she grew up in the Peachleaf Valley, she quickly traded it all for the glitz and glamour of the big city.

As an entertainer, she's an expert in masking her real feelings. She often tries to act like the sweet, upbeat girl everyone assumes she is, but her real face tends to slip out from time-to-time.

Age: Adult   Personality: Two-faced, materialistic & coy

Audition Lines:


1. "It's a tree? Like, a regular lame-ass old tree that there's, like, a million of in the valley? I don't get how—(realizes she's being heard) I mean, WOW! Gosh, that's like SUCH a great idea! Love that for you, babes."

With a unimpressed tone that turns cheerfully fake.

2. "*Giggles* Of coooourse! I mean, you know what they say! Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss, bestie!~ (pauses, under her breath) Ugh, can't stand that bitch."

With a fake, cheerful tone.

3. "Hey, Earth-to-Imbecile—any sign of life up there?! Wipe that stupid look off your face already. It's making me wanna puke."

With a disgusted, impatient tone.

Character Name: Lani

A young, pure, and naive water spirit. Lani comes from a lineage of spirits tasked with a sacred duty that helps maintain the balance of the seas alongside Lord Tequa.

Due to her powers, she's lived a sheltered, isolated life which has made her shy, inquisitive, and a bit unsure about what the world outside of the ocean is like. 

Age: Teen   Personality: Selfless, innocent & jumpy

Audition Lines:


1. "*GASP* A human! What in the world is a human doing down here? Oh dear... you've come a long way from home, haven't you?"

With a worried, compassionate tone.

2. "What's this? Wait, what's that?! Oh, and that over there! There's so many things I've never seen before everywhere I look! How exciting!"

With an excitement that only grows.

3. "B-But, um... are you really a human? I heard that humans were big and scary. And they they eat young water spirits for breakfast, a-and clean their teeth with our tails!"

With a scared, jumpy tone.

Special Characters 
Mascot: Rosie The Sheep

The cutest cutie in all of Peachleaf Valley. Rosie is an adorable little sheep that lives on Elderberry Farm with a reputation for trouble.

She's an adorable, festival-winning fluffy little cloud by day and a master escape artist by night who loves to go hunting for her favorite snack: cookies.

Desired Vocal Tone: High-pitched, cutesy

Audition Lines:


1. "(Happy) Beea, beea! Beeeea!"

As if she just got complimented on how adorable she is.

2. "(Sad) Beeeeeaaaaa...."

As if she just got caught trying to escape her pen again...

3. "Bleck! This new fodder tastes like dirt, and—huh? W-Wait, you can understand me?! Woah, that's a first! Guess you must be best pals with Lord Eden, huh?"

Because, yes, she talks in different parts of the story.

Mascot Name: Tuns The Tuna

Tuns The Tuna is a water spirit and a crass Seafolk who lives in Tequa's domain. He's irritable, grouchy, and a downright glutton. Not to mention, a complete slacker.

He likes to spend his days munching away and complaining about how much work there is to be done, but not lifting a single fin to get any of it started.

Desired Vocal Tone: Alright lads, give us your best Danny DeVito impression for this one.

Audition Lines:


1. "*Yaaaawn* Well, well, if it ain't Little Miss Lani. What, you trying to sneak out again to the surface? You do know if Lord Tequa catches you, you're as good as plankton. But, uh... I can keep my fins shut if ya sneak me over a little snack."

He prioritizes snacks over loyalty.

2. "Oh, for crying out loud! What's all this racket in here about, huh—*GASP* I-Is that a human?! What in the eight seas is a HUMAN doing here?!"

As if he just saw a ghost... err, a shark.

3. "Oh no! No, no, NO! Don't you even think about it! You're sure as hell not dragging me into this mess you made! And, you! I don't wanna hear another word outta you, twinkle tails!"

You're sure as hell not dragging him into any more messes.

Side Characters 

If interested in auditioning for one of these minor side characters, please send us a link to your demo reel! 

Curious Fairy - F
Slimey Pickpocket - M
Oogling Noblewoman - F
Closing Notes

This is sure not to be the last of our casting calls, so consider following us on social media to stay up to date with the latest news, cast reveals, development updates, job opportunities, giveaways, and more!

Also, be one of the first to be notified of when the"Peachleaf Valley" releases by adding it your wishlist:

Thanks for checking out our casting call!
We eagerly await your audition!

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